“Stay focused, pay attention to detail, and you just might change a life or two.”

Season 18 of hit reality show “Big Brother” may have introduced Paul (Paulie) Calafiore’s charismatic personality and competitive nature to an audience on a national stage. However, the Howell, New Jersey native was a thriving entrepreneur and philanthropist long before joining the TV franchise.

Prospering under pressure has always come naturally to Calafiore, who was the captain of the Scarlet Knight’s men’s soccer team during his time at Rutgers University. After earning a degree in Exercise Science and a two-year stint with the Colorado Rapids, he focused on helping others achieve their goals through personal training. Today, he is the co-owner of SWEAT, a popular gym in Freehold, New Jersey, and has developed fitness programs designed to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Paul also utilizes his soccer skills to help a wide range of athletes thrive, from running youth soccer programs to overseeing the Rutgers Men’s Soccer team where he serves as an assistant coach.

Outside of the sports arena, some of Paul’s other personal interests have spawned successful business ventures, as well. An avid guitar player, his love for music led to his partnership in Royal Entertainment, which provides high energy, unique party services for weddings, sweet 16 parties, and other events. His latest endeavor is MyTimeMyCity, a new clothing line for a generation that forges its own path, which launched in early 2017.

Success on the field and in the business world is not enough for Calafiore. Throughout his life, giving back has also been very important. During his college years, he volunteered with organizations that addressed domestic violence and sexual assault. After leaving the “Big Brother” house, he was determined to use his national exposure to spread a message of motivation and positivity. This led to the inception of The Rise Up, an organization that harnesses the power of social media to bring awareness to causes. One key issue has been cyberbullying, which Paul personally experienced after his time on television. He decided to turn that negative experience into a positive. Paul and his loyal supporters raised over $10,000 for The Cybersmile Foundation, which is committed to building a safer, more positive digital community for all.

The Rise Up’s collaboration with Cybersmile is just the beginning for Calafiore, who is dedicated to and passionate about spreading his message through speaking engagements, fundraising campaigns, entrepreneurial endeavors, and social/online media platforms.

As Paul has said, “Resting on past accomplishments is the quickest way to lose sight of the present and future opportunities life presents to us. Stay focused, pay attention to detail, and you just might change a life or two.”

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